Sammy Nickalls
Updated Aug 26, 2015 @ 11:00 am

Sadly, we hear stories all too often about servers being snubbed on tips, despite how hard they work to accommodate their customers. But earlier this month, Jess Jones, a waitress working at the D’Jais Bar & Grill, experienced something beyond snubbing. And it’s leaving us shaking our heads.

On August 17, Jess was waiting on a large party. Though she explained to them that the kitchen was running slower than normal, she received a note on the $112.03 bill that was just plain cruel. They didn’t just stiff her — they actually wrote “LOL” in the tip section of the receipt, with a note next to it saying, “1 hour for food.” Jess took to Facebook the next day to post a picture of the receipt and explain why this isn’t OK.

“Last night, I was stunned by this receipt that was left for me by a party of eight people,” she wrote. “I would have preferred a ‘$0’ tip than a ‘LOL’ tip, but as a waitress, bad tips and harsh notes are all part of the job.”

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