Dasha Fayvinova
April 08, 2017 1:38 pm
Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

What would one man do in order to secure a permanent supply of his favorite Wendy’s food? Turns out the answer is to start a Twitter campaign that reaches over a million people. And if you help this man score a lifetime of free chicken nuggets, he just might share the wealth.

Carter Wilkerson is not just your average lover of Wendy’s chicken nuggets. He’s a goddamn genius. Don’t believe us? Carter was smart enough to ask Wendy’s what it would take for him to get a lifetime supply of his favorite menu item. You see, he went straight to the source and actually got an answer.

Because as the saying goes “ask and you shall receive”. Props go out to whoever is running Wendy’s Twitter account for catching the request and making sure Carter got a reply. Now, it is up to him to make good on the challenge.

18 MILLION RETWEETS?! Um, no problem.

While most other people would laugh and give up after, Carter went in full throttle.

The rest of the internet could not stay out of this amazing exchange. As soon as word got out that Carter Wilkerson was attempting the impossible, nugget fans everywhere joined him in support. Even Wendys was shook to find that A MILLION PEOPLE retweeted his exchange.

This just goes to show you that no one should underestimate a man’s love for his favorite fast food chain. Now all that Carter has to do is get another 17 million people to retweet his plea for  a lifetime of free chicken nuggets and he might just get what he needs. Obviously the goal is pretty steep, but there is no knowing how far Carter is willing to go.

Since there is no time limit set forth for Carter, he can keep working at it indefinitely. And you can help this man score a lifetime of free chicken nuggets by retweeting his plea yourself. You never know, maybe he’ll share some with you!