Johnni Macke
December 22, 2016 11:40 am

Hello, Christmas! Lifestyle guru and designer, Lauren Conrad just made the most Christmas-y cake ever and we’re pretty sure we’ve never seen anything this amazing.

With Christmas just days away, it’s time to start your baking right away. If you’re in need of ideas this holiday season, Conrad has you covered. She’s created the most Christmas-tastic cake we’ve laid eyes on that’ll you’ll love.

It looks like a Christmas tree threw up on it and trust us, you’re going to need it in your life.

According to Conrad and the rest of her team at this “Christmas Explosion Cake” as they call it is actually really easy to make.

For this specific cake, it’s all about the decoration, so technically you could buy a store-made cake and just follow the decoration tips. If you are into baking, Conrad opted for a basic chocolate cake — in case that helps inspire you.

Now for the really good stuff…the Christmas explosion decor!

Once you have your favorite mini items all you have to do is pile them on top of the cake and around the bottom.

Make sure to frost it first, so everything stays put.

“You want it to look a little random and like Christmas ‘exploded,'” the former Laguna Beach star added.

Keep in mind that although this looks good enough to eat, you have to take off the deer in order to actually dive into the treat. Or, you could just leave it all on and make it your centerpiece — it’s totally your call.

What you do you think about the amazing Christmas explosion cake? Would you try it?