pumpkin spice donuts
Credit: HelloGiggles

Happy National Pumpkin day to everyone out there who LIVES for pumpkin spice things…even if you’re name isn’t David S. Pumpkin.

To celebrate this treasured — and very Halloween — holiday, just about everything today has received a hefty dose of that PS magic, and that includes DONUTS. Today, and today only, Krispy Kreme is baking up pumpkin spice donuts, and instead of just getting a hot n’ fresh glazed donut, you should probably treat yourself to a hot n’ fresh pumpkin spice glazed donut.

And sure, we might be living in a world full of too many (and sometimes, too weird) pumpkin spice things, but when it comes to PS donuts, SIGN US UP. The HelloGiggles office decided that we needed to get our hands on these donuts, and after patiently waiting for Postmates to deliver them (yes, we got donuts delivered to the office, don’t judge us), it was time to taste them ourselves.

Credit: HelloGiggles

Do they live up to the pumpkin spice donut hype? Simple answer: YES.

Credit: HelloGiggles

In conclusion:

If we’re being honest, this is literally one of the best donuts we’ve ever had, pumpkin spice or not. It is so soft, and so packed with flavor, we want to eat this donut every single day. Who do we talk to about making this donut part of the Krispy Kreme menu EVERY DAY?