Elizabeth Entenman
March 18, 2015 2:33 pm

It’s a sad, confusing, emotional day for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese enthusiasts (like us). 242,000 cases (about 6.5 million boxes) are being recalled because there could potentially be tiny bits of metal inside. Say what?! Liz Lemon is not pleased, y’all!

If you’re anything like us, Kraft Mac & Cheese is a staple in your pantry. The ooey gooey cheesy goodness is our go-to lazy dinner. Let’s be honest, there’s a good chance you have at least one box on your shelf and we recommend you give it a look to make sure your box wasn’t one of the recalled ones — better safe than sorry.

Here’s the 411 and what you need to know about the recalled boxes:

  • Original is the only flavor you have to worry about (rest easy, Cheesy Alfredo fanatics).
  • All shaped pasta (think: SpongeBob) is fine.
  • The affected boxes are 7.25 oz boxes, sold individually or in 3, 4 and 5-packs (read: Easy Mac is safe).
  • The affected boxes have a “Best When Used By” date range from September 18, 2015 to October 11, 2015, and the code “C2” below the date.
  • The boxes were recalled in the U.S., plus some Caribbean and South American countries. Canada is safe.

Here’s a helpful visual, because we’re all about helping you in this time of Mac & Cheese stress.

Kraft says eight consumers reported finding the metal, but no injuries have been reported yet. “We deeply regret this situation and apologize to any consumers we have disappointed,” their press release says. I forgive you, Kraft — you still occupy an elbow-roni-shaped place in my heart.

SO. All the Kraft Mac & Cheese lovers out there: Be sure to peep your stash! Check your blue boxes and return anything matching the above description to the store where it was purchased for a full refund.

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