Jill Layton
June 02, 2015 12:30 pm

For everyone who is moderately to severely obsessed with the free breadsticks at Olive Garden (that’s everyone, right?): OLIVE GARDEN NOW HAS A FOOD TRUCK. Ok, sorry for shouting, but this is pretty important news.

Let’s begin at the beginning. On Monday, Olive Garden announced the launch of their “Signature Breadstick Bun Sandwich” line — AKA our favorite breadsticks made into buns, with sandwich things in between them that will include two options — chicken parmigiana and Italian meatball. What? Where do we sign up? Obviously the next logical step after making such a major announcement was for Olive Garden to take those buns on a cross-country food truck tour. The tour kicks off in NYC the week of June 1 (so . . . now).

Olive Garden’s executive vice president of marketing Jose Duenas explained the purpose of the elaborate tour in a media release:

“We’re always looking for new ways to reach and engage our most loyal fans,” Duenas said. “Not only are we giving guests more ways to enjoy our most iconic menu item, we’re making it easy for our guests to try our Signature Breadstick Bun Sandwiches.” Yes, mobile buns definitely make things easy. Good lookin’ out, Olive Garden.

While the breadsticks are the main event of the food truck tour, on Monday the restaurant also added more new items to its menu — a shrimp fresco appetizer, sausage stuffed giant rigatoni, and a create-your-own Tuscan duo lunch combination. So if you’re an Olive Garden fan, you know what to do.

You can track the truck’s whereabouts with Olive Garden’s handy food truck locator or by following them on Twitter. The truck is scheduled to visit 19 cities on a seven-week tour. Let’s do this.

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