Kinder eggs are coming to America
Credit: régime élevé /

If you’ve ever been to Europe, then you know the joy that comes with a Kinder Egg. The beloved chocolate treat features milk and white chocolate in an egg shape. And the best part? Each one has a surprise toy inside!

Sadly, these toys are considered a choking hazard in the United States, so they’re banned. That is, until today, when Italian candy maker Ferrero revealed that a special version of the Kinder Egg will be making its way to America in 2018 and we are HYPE.

That means we only have to wait until January, when the Kinder Joy will make its stateside debut.

Sadly, the Kinder Egg is still banned, but we still get to have a little fun!

The Kinder Joy comes with two individually wrapped halves; one with a toy inside, the other with wafer balls, chocolate cream, and a little tiny spoon to eat with.

Hey, it may not be the same, but we can still cheers to that!

While the chocolatey surprise may not be as fun as cracking open a literal chocolate egg, we do love the idea of eating chocolate cream with a mini spoon. Oh, and getting a toy inside our chocolate is pretty much all of our childhood dreams being realized.

So mark your calendars for January and head to your local candy shops. Kinder Joy will FINALLY be here and you won’t want to miss out!