Kenya Foy
Updated Jan 10, 2017 @ 12:51 pm
Credit: The Scene

We can always count on children to say whatever comes to mind (no matter how abrasive, yikes), but in the case of these kids trying health foods from the past century, their blunt opinions regarding foods our grandmas ate to remain in great physical condition are very much welcomed.

Apparently, someone wondered what it would be like to travel back to the roaring ’20s and chow down on some shredded sauerkraut and nuttolene (a meat substitute), but these 21st-century kids and their testy taste buds have inspired us to find a different way to channel our obsession with all things food, past, present and future.

Although quite a bit of these healthy vittles from the back in the day caused the young participants to gag and recoil in horror, we’ll start with the positive reactions.

The Good Foods

The cabbage soup from the ’50s was generally well-received (even though the kids rightfully hated the cod liver oil that was served on the side). One kid took a particular liking to bran cereal from the ’30s, which earned certified approval via spirit fingers.

Credit: The Scene

Also, bran cereal-loving kid was SO into Lean Cuisine and SlimFast that he would’ve fit right in as an ’80s baby.

The Bad Foods

Brace yourselves, kale enthusiasts: These kids HATED the kale smoothie. Also, the 1970s master cleanse didn’t exactly win them over either (shoutout to the little girl who guessed that it was invented in the 2000s because Beyoncé drank it).

Credit: The Scene

While their reactions to the food were pretty varied, we’d say the general consensus is that the days of the best-tasting health foods are still ahead of us.