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In the latest example of foods that are apparently too cool or too strange to be sold in the U.S., KFC is serving a pumpkin chicken wrap, Delish reports. Depending on how you feel about this particular combination of vittles, we’ve either dodged a bullet or we’re majorly missing out because it’s only being offered in Australia. However, for those who’d love to sample it, preparing a DIY pumpkin chicken wrap from the comfort of your kitchen sounds like a cinch, based on the ingredients provided by Brand Eating.

OK, so it actually doesn’t sound or look that bad at all unless you’re a card-toting member of the “I hate pumpkin” squad. Besides, KFC has always taken an innovative approach to its menu. They weren’t afraid to go there with a line of edible nail polish and we will never forget when KFC introduced the infamous Double Down Dog? That was nearly two years ago and we still have so many questions about wrapping a hot dog in a fried chicken bun, but still calling it a hot dog.

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Anyway. Carry on, KFC. We’ll be waiting in the wings to cheer (or jeer) your next crazy food creation.