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January 17, 2018 10:30 am
YouTube / KFC

Gravy is one of those foods that can accompany any meal. It’s a namesake ingredient for biscuits and gravy, an often overlooked addition to an afternoon turkey sandwich, and an absolute necessity for an evening roast. But a gravy cocktail? At some point aren’t the mixologists going too far? KFC thinks not (at least in the UK and Ireland where the chain launched this new campaign). The fast food chicken giant recently released a trio of cocktails centered around one of their most beloved items: gravy.

Though the phrase “KFC gravy cocktail” might sound like you left your drunk roommate alone in the kitchen for too long, these new mixed drinks from Colonel Sanders and company are intended to be taken somewhat seriously. Yes, the concept is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the recipes are, in fact, real, and they were reportedly crafted by actual “expert mixologist”—though somewhat tellingly, he apparently only goes by the first name “Patrick.”

So what are these bizarre creations? First, you have “The Gravy Mary,” a Bloody Mary spiked with, obviously, KFC Gravy (20-milliliters-worth to be exact) and garnished with KFC Popcorn Chicken. Next, there’s “The Southern Twist,” a Kentucky bourbon-based gravy drink. And last, we have “The Fingerlickin’ Sour,” which as the name implies mixes mescal, orange marmalade, lemon juice, cherry liqueur and egg whites with, cough, 60 milliliters of KFC Gravy.

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Sure. Why not?

Unfortunately, as much time as KFC devoted to this concept, the chain won’t actually be serving them in any of their restaurants. (Even in the UK and Ireland, you’re unlikely to find a KFC location with a full bar.) Instead, the brand has simply released all three recipes to the public—you can find them here—meaning you’ll have to secure your own gravy and then craft the results at home. Hopefully you’re mixology skills are up to snuff, though if you slept through the class on gravy cocktails, we’ll understand.