Sammy Nickalls
Updated Mar 16, 2015 @ 1:46 pm
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So obviously, we’ve been MASSIVE fans of Kevin Bacon for years. Animal House, Tremors, Footloose, the fact that he’s a totally gorg hunk of a man — there’s a reason why we play 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. On top of that, The Following star’s last name has SO much punny potential. Bacon? Come on, that’s just a goldmine. And to the delight of K-Bacon fans everywhere, Incredible Egg took advantage of that potential by creating the best ad ever, IMO.

The American Egg Board (AEB) strives to educate the world about the health benefits of the “incredible egg.” And that’s why Incredible Egg decided to raise awareness by creating this surprisingly informative (and unsurprisingly hysterical) ad campagn with Kevin Bacon, called “Wake Up To Eggs With Bacon.” Why? Because as the ad explains, “nobody knows eggs better than Bacon.”

The ad starts with a woman who is cooking eggs for breakfast, only to be shocked by Kevin laying on her countertop, spouting off the nutritional benefits of eggs. And yes, many bacon puns are made — but as the ad clarifies, “Kevin Bacon doesn’t like puns.” Things get a little scandalous when the woman’s husband shows up.

Watch the full-length commercial below, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself daydreaming of a K-Bacon appearance in your own kitchen when you eat eggs from now on. Hopefully, there will be more punny commercials involving food-named celebs. (Fiona Apple, Jon Hamm, Halle Berry. . . we’re looking at you.)