This artist did a ketchup portrait of Adele (and a pizza portrait of Miley!)

A while back, we introduced you to Rob Ferrel, a San Antonio artist who creates amazingly accurate portraits out of salt, dust and hair (yes, hair!). Ferrel goes by Rob the Original, and he’s back, you guys. Once again, he’s blowing us away with his incredible talent. But he’s mixed things up a bit. Now he’s making art out of food.

His latest masterpiece is a stunning likeness of Adele (queen!), made entirely out of ketchup. Whoa.

I mean, hello. (Yes, I went there.) Can that possibly be the same stuff that comes in little packets with our fries? It totally is. Here’s a quick glimpse of Rob in action. Oh and by the way, nice Bob Ross t-shirt, Rob. (Hello, we see you.)

Rob isn’t just the king of ketchup art. He can create portraits out of other foods, too. Miley Cyrus pizza, anyone?

But back to the ketchup. Rob even put the “happy” in Happy Meal when he made this Ronald McDonald portrait on a hamburger bun for his little boy. (We never thought we’d get misty-eyed over a condiment, but this just did the trick.)

We’re in awe. We can’t wait to see what Rob does next. (Suggestion: Mustard Ryan Gosling. Please make this a thing.)

Oh, and if you’re like us, you might be wondering what happens to a ketchup portrait. It’s not pretty, guys. I’m serious. Look away while you can!


[Images via @robtheoriginal on Instagram.]

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