Johnni Macke
February 03, 2017 1:22 pm
Stefan Wermuth - WPA Pool /Getty Images

Calling all bloggers! Ah, there is a Kate Middleton inspired cafe in Australia and we want to try it as soon as possible. We might not live down under, but for this cafe, we’d be willing to travel.

Okay, you caught us, any excuse to fly to Australia for a holiday, is a good excuse, so why not make it about food? Or royals? Or food mixed with the royal treatment?!

For all you Duchess of Cambridge lovers, this cafe is the spot for you. If you’re a major Middleton fan, or love good food, then you should be heading to Melbourne, Australia right away.

There is a new restaurant called Middletown Cafe (get it? Middleton made into Middletown?) that is dedicated to the duchess herself and it’s fit for a princess.

The chic and beautiful cafe is the first of its kind, well the first to be all about the royal that is, and we’re major fans already.

It has clean and pretty navy and white walls with marble tables. It is basically the brunch spot of your dreams and elegant enough that Middleton would approve — hopefully.

Middletown’s owner, Randy Dhamanhuri revealed that the 35-year-old royal was the muse for his restaurant and her elegance is just part of it.

The design idea is based on capturing Middleton’s essence without being over the top and having photos of her everywhere.

“It’s a subtle hint to show that Kate ‘lives’ here, without putting her portrait,” Dhamanhuri explained about the color scheme and diamond-shaped marble tiles.

You might come for the duchess vibes, but you will stay for the food, which includes coffee, waffles, granola and more.

“People first come because they hear about a Kate Middleton-inspired cafe, but once we share our vision and story behind it, they actually appreciate it,” the owner said.

Although Middleton has yet to step foot inside the establishment, based on the menu and photos we think she’d love it.