Christina Pellegrini
February 14, 2016 11:23 am
Facebook/St. Louis Zoo

Are your fingers crossed for a bouquet of roses this Valentine’s Day, or are you more interested in the chocolate (guilty as charged)?

When it comes to winning a polar bear’s affections, it seems they’re a lot like us—the way to their hearts may also be through their stomachs. Case in point: This Facebook post featuring three-year-old, 995-pound polar bear Kali (pronounced “Cully”) at Saint Louis Zoo who was given a special 995-pound frozen treat a few days before February 14.

Remember those Klondike bar commercials? Obviously bears don’t like ice cream, but it seems like polar bears would do anything for a giant fish popsicle!

Kali clearly can’t wait to sink his teeth into that thing—it even looks like he’s blowing on the ice to melt it. Adorbs AND smart—our kind of guy.

Plus, we’re suckers for the whole thing being set to Heart’s “What About Love.” An adorable animal PLUS an 80’s power ballad? This is the Valentine’s Day of our dreams.

Now if only we had a pizza that big…