Watch this person transform Jolly Ranchers into magical art

Prepare your mind for you, dear friend, are about to see true alchemy in action.

That’s right. I’m talking about magic.


As if they weren’t already jolly enough, an eHow video shows a person transforming Jolly Ranchers in to a delightful candy rose with just a few simple steps.


The video, which was obviously concocted by a creative genius who had the patience to do more with their candy than scarf it down without taking a breath like the rest of us, makes the whole process look easy enough.

And, truth be told, the results are beautiful and would make for an easy and unique gift for friends and family that’s guaranteed to brighten their day.

The only issue I can foresee is a personal one. Not all of us were born with enough willpower to to be a candy alchemist. The only trick I can do with Jolly Rancher is to magically make them disappear into my mouth.


Of course, hat doesn’t mean I won’t valiantly attempt to make this creation. In fact, I’ll valiantly attempt it until I have a bellyache.

Check out the whole video to see exactly how you can make this sweet art.

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