Rachel Paige
February 20, 2015 3:19 pm

So a few months back John Mayer asked for something. What did he ask for? He tweeted at Justin’s (you know, the nut butter co. that makes all those delicious spreads) and asked them to concoct a cookie dough flavored almond butter. Well, now in addition to revering John for his celestial music career, we must envy him for having what seems to be the only jar of cookie dough flavored almond butter.

John, like many of us, is a big fan of almond butter. Somewhere along the way, he dreamed up the idea of cookie dough almond butter, and realized that it wasn’t yet a thing. He wanted it to be a thing. So, taking matters into his own hands, he decided to tweet at Justin’s and hopefully make it a thing. Now it is a thing (at least for John). And it all started with this simple tweet:

Two months later, it happened. Justin’s delivered a one-of-a-kind jar of Cookie Dough Almond Butter directly to John, with an accompanying note that makes us insanely jealous, but in the good kind of insanely jealous way. Justin’s founder, Justin Gold, writes:

I know this guy named John. You see, John’s awesome because he doesn’t just sit around waiting on the world to change, he makes things happen with the power of his thumbs, a little keyboard and this thing called Twitter. If it weren’t for my buddy, we would still be living in a sad, sad world without Cookie Dough Almond Butter. Talk about using your powers for good. If only everything I tweeted came true . . . John, enjoy this creation. Finely crafted just for you. —Justin

John posted a picture of his Cookie Dough Almond Butter to his Instagram, and now we can all live vicariously through this image. From the description, we know that it’s “chocolate almond butter with chocolate chips and real chunks of cookie dough.” Let’s talk about the dream for a second, because I think this is it.

Sadly, there are no plans to release more of this magical Cookie Dough Almond Butter for humble consumers like us. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about it from time to time, and politely ask Justin’s if they’ll market it for all of us. And maybe, one day, our dreams will come true, just like John’s.

Image via here and here.