Gina Florio
Updated Aug 24, 2017 @ 9:07 pm
ice cream
Credit: HelloGiggles/Anna Buckley

Oh, look — it’s time for ice cream (well, it is somewhere, anyway). Lucky for you, there’s a brand spankin’ new flavor in Jeni’s Spring 2017 Collection, so drop everything you are doing and listen up. It’s called Supermoon, and it’s the stuff of cosmic legends. Jeni’s Supermoon ice cream is a swirl of light yellow ice cream, which tastes like vanilla marshmallow, and pale blue ice cream, which tastes like candied violets. Drooling rn.

We can’t exactly explain the flavor unless you try it for yourself, but we swear this is exactly the flavor Sailor Moon would create if she were asked to make her own ice cream. Besides, it just looks like it came straight from the galaxies. Have a look for yourself.

Apparently, the flavor of marshmallows is perfectly potent and sweet, but the foamy texture of the marshmallows has completely disappeared, to leave you with nothing more than a creamy ride into the cosmos. The blue half has a bit of a floral taste in it as well, which we’re sure complements the marshmallows to a T.

To break it down even further, the marshmallow flavors used in Jeni’s new ice cream are inspired by two different kinds, according to their Instagram: “super familiar fluffy vanilla marshmallows, and colorful, almost floral, dehydrated, cereal marshmallows.”

Sailor Moon would approve, as would any Lucky Charms fans out there. You don’t need to wait for this Supermoon goodness to be in your freezer — it’s available right now. So go forth and scream for ice cream!