jelly beans
Credit: Karen Belz

Are you a big fan of astrology? We get it. It’s fun to think that your birthday might just influence your personality a little bit. One company even believes that your zodiac sign might predict your jelly bean preference. Makes sense, right? (And hey, even if it might not be accurate, it’s at least a lot of fun.)

Gimbal’s, a company that makes candies that we absolutely love, decided to match up their famous beans with the signs of the zodiac. Each bag of jelly beans includes 41 flavors, so it just made sense for them to choose two distinct flavors that happened to correspond with your totally wonderful personality.

It’s a shame that National Jelly Bean Day already passed, since this would have been an incredible way to celebrate with friends.

Mark your calendars for next year, April 22nd!

Credit: Gimbal's

Surely you have a lot of questions. Luckily, Gimbal’s has answers. Yes, a lot of thought went into these match-ups, which is why we’re so intrigued. (For the record, these aren’t meant to be eaten together, but if that’s your thing? More power to you.)

Let’s go over each sign, one by one.

Aries is the first sign of the year, and the pairing of wild cherry and pina colada was because Gimbal’s recognized those born under the Aries sign to be bold and daring. Pina Colada, they believe, is definitely the flavor of someone looking for their next adventure.

Next up is Taurus, a sign shared by people born in late April to late May. (As a side note, happy birthday to all of you Taurus individuals out there!) Since they’re viewed as being sympathetic and loving, the honey and superfruit jelly bean selections are pretty perfect. We mean, there’s no sweeter taste than honey.

For the Geminis out there, Gimbal’s believes that they’re the most adaptable individuals. Thus, a fruity choice of both sour cherry and kiwi strawberry fits the bill. According to the company, the sour cherry was chosen since, just like a Gemini, the flavor has a complex personality — “sweet, sour, and delicious.”

Cancers are known for their loyalty and family values, which is why peach and buttered popcorn were the flavors chosen. Sweet, simple, and incredibly classic.

If you’re a Leo, you’re probably well aware of the fact that you’re bold and courageous — much like the lion that represents you. For Gimbal’s, that equates to their “Wow! Chocolate” flavor (which is way more intense than a standard, “meh” chocolate) and their fruit punch. Do you think the Hawaiian Punch mascot is a Leo? We wouldn’t doubt it.

Are you a Virgo? Then you’re an incredible team player. Seriously, everyone at work is happy when you sign onto a project — you get stuff done. And when you do a good job, you’re worthy of cake. Ice cream cake, to be specific. (Ah heck, everyone is worthy of cake.) As for the pear? Just like a fresh pear, you’re extremely refreshing.

Hey there, Libra! You’ve been singled out for loving music, nature, and art. That’s probably why the two beans you were assigned are also works of art — Tutti Frutty, and Gimbal’s own “Verry Blue.”

Scorpios are all about getting through their own personal challenges. They’re strong and passionate, which is likely why cinnamon is one of the two beans that best represents them. There’s nothing stronger than cinnamon.

Howdy, Sagittarius. Not only do you like adventure, but you also like to work your beautiful brain. What better way to recharge than with a java-flavored bean? (For the record, this is one of the tastiest. If you’re a Sagittarius coffee lover, you’ll be all about it.)

Since Capricorns are all about closing out the year and bringing in the new one (since they’re born at the end of December into January) they’re naturally good at problem-solving. As in, “What do I do if my birthday falls on a major holiday?” and “What can I pretend my New Years Resolution is this year?” Gimbal’s chose tiramisu — the queen of desserts — based on the fact that just like you, it has many incredible layers.

If you’re an Aquarius, you’re a humanitarian. And you’re totally social, yet also a bit eccentric. That’s why Gimbal’s chose the popular bubble gum flavored jelly bean, and the wacky mango, to represent your kooky side.

Last but not least, Pisces. The company finds your type to be trustworthy and a bit on the quiet side. That’s why you’re french vanilla — based on the fact that it’s not outrageous, but always a crowd pleaser — and pink grapefruit, since it’s more intense on the inside.

Agree? Disagree? For us, they’re pretty on target. If you want to taste your own pairing, Gimbal’s jelly beans are available in a variety of stores, or you can order online at Walmart and on Amazon.