Brittany Boyd
Updated October 01, 2016
Jack In The Box

It’s noon. You’ve finally convinced yourself to roll out from under your blanket. The day has begun. And you’re hungry.


Like your hobbit brethren, one of the common dilemmas you might face when waking later than your “I-walked-my-dog-solved-all-the-world’s-issues-did-yoga-then-drank-a-kale-smoothie” counterparts is, Do I skip breakfast and just have lunch? Do I go to brunch? Or what?

Question no more. Jack in the Box has your back.

Get ready for “brunchfast.”

But, what exactly is “brunchfast?”

According to The Daily Meal, brunchfast is a “new meal that combines the best of a fast-food breakfast with the heartiness of brunch.”

Jack In The Box vice president of product marketing and innovation Iwona Alter told the Daily Meal that the new menu is due to “the continuous pushing of the envelope” — like McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu.

Jack In The Box

In addition to the fried chicken, egg, and bacon sandwich featured above, the menu will also offer a blood orange cooler (where my mimosa fans at?), a plate with bacon and home-style potatoes, a brunch burger, and muffins. Test locations have also reported sightings of sourdough omelette sandwiches and French toast.


Don’t worry, though. You won’t have to wait very long to try “brunchfast!”

All participating Jack in the Box restaurants will roll out the new menu on Monday.