Item of the Day: WearEver PureLiving Bakeware

I love cooking and baking, but I’m not so fond of the clean-up, especially when stuff gets stuck to the pan, leaving it looking a bit worse for wear even after it’s been scrubbed. That’s why when I got a hold of WearEver’s new Pure Living bakeware line that was released this fall, I was in HEAVEN.

First of all, it’s cute as hell – red exteriors and white interiors make the pieces super seasonal (note: the pieces are also available in Champagne). Plus, they’re REALLY easy to clean. As in, you swipe them once with a sponge and they’re as good as brand new again, which is a relief not just because I’m slightly OCD, but because for some reason, I really love things staying shiny and new-looking even when they’re used pretty regularly. After doing some more research on the line, I discovered that it’s all entirely free of PFOA, PTFE and cadmium (stuff you definitely DON’T want in your body) and is also completely recyclable. AHHH, yessss.

If that’s not good enough for you, how about this: it’s REALLY affordable! The most expensive item, the large cookie sheet, is only $11.99, while the square and round cake pans and the loaf pans are $9.99 each. WHAT? I love a deal almost as much as I love baking, so I’m into it for sure.

The pieces are available (sold individually) at Kroger and Fred Meyer, so seriously, get yourself there and get these.