I found Smitten Kitchen four years ago while looking for a cake recipe (to be clear, I don’t usually bake). My friend pointed me in Deb Perelman’s direction and I was hooked. Smitten Kitchen is a food blog about “fearless cooking for a tiny kitchen in New York City.” Try as I might to describe this wonderful website, pictures are really worth 1,000 words. So, go check out Deb, her unbelievable food photography and recipes if you’re curious!

A few months ago, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook finally came out! It is page after page of drool-worthy photography and recipes. Buy it for yourself or buy it for a friend (in hopes that they will cook from it and invite you over to eat). I finally got mine in the mail last week and have been hidden in it since.

But really, isn’t this the most beautiful fruit dessert you have ever seen?

Check out Smitten Kitchen here and order your own copy of the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook here.