Holy moley, you guys. So I am on facebook and someone posts the above photo

…a LIFE SIZE UNICORN CAKE!!! (Psst, open that link, it has rainbow insides!) So of course, I re-post it because of COURSE I would. Another friend comments “Did you see the counterpart?” It’s a ghoulish graphic rendering of an apocalyptic stallion which drips Kraken Rum from it’s nostrils, appropriately called the Devil Horse Cake! Both made by the same baking duo who call themselves Tattooed Bakers. The artistry of these two is astounding. Flipping through their gallery they run the gamut from classic to dark to downright whimsical. I’m so in love with this one…

Now I’m thinking about what kind of fun cake I would have them make for me. Hmmm…would a Lolo cake be too weird?