There’s nothing I love more in this world than guacamole. I feel strongly enough about that statement, that from here on out, I will go by the name guacamolee. Santitas chips are the best I’ve ever had for eating guacamole. They’re hardy enough to put a healthy mound on each chip, allowing you to shove an obscene amount of guac in your face at an alarming rate. They also have the perfect level of salt going on, and just the right amount of those little chip bubbles.

I was a little bummed, when looking for a link for this post, to find they’re made by Frito-Lay. They’re so good that I had already created a backstory for them. I had this vision in my head of the chips being made by a cute little Mexican mama and papa to pay for the education of their beautiful daughter whose lovely face graces the front of the bag. I know that’s unrealistic and possibly offensive. I’m sorry. I have an over active imagination, and am easy prey for marketing ploys. But mass corporations and my not so politically correct tortilla visions aside, I still think these chips are the jam. They only cost $2!

See, even though it’s impossible to make guac look good and your hand not freakishly huge in a Mac Photo Booth picture, I’m still stoked about these chips.