I like a tequila so smooth, I feel like I’m on a boat and I’m not wearing pants. Maestro Dobel Tequila does exactly that. Personally, I like tequila neat with a lime or freshly-squeezed lime juice, but Dobel inspired me to create a cocktail of my own. It’s gonna sound a little weird, so just hold tight.

Ingredients for an Apocalypstick Tequila:

— 2 shots of Maestro Dobel Tequila

— 3 shots freshly-brewed green tea that’s been cooled (I know, I know, just trust me.)

— a squeeze of fresh lime (lemon will do in a pinch.)

— agave (or honey or even Splenda, if you really have no option.)

This can be served on the rocks or straight. If you want rocks, put those in first. Then, pour the cooled tea. Then add the lime or lemon juice. 2-4 squeezes, depending on your tastes. Stir. Then the tequila. Then a little agave (or honey or, ugh, Splenda). Stir. Sip again. Want more sweetness? Go ahead, treat yourself, I’m not your mom.

Then you put on some Jungle Book soundtrack and you drink — responsibly.

The bottle is so attractive I still have it. Also each bottle is numbered and dated, so you know exactly when and where it came from, and that makes you feel special. And I like a tequila that makes me feel special.