Item of the Day: Ayala’s Organic Herbal Tea

As soothing as a cup of hot tea can be, I still prefer my beverages to be iced, for the most part. Even on a freezing cold morning, my thirst is not quenched until I suck down a cold drink. And even for those of you hot tea drinkers, who often go for a cup of herbal tea — a naturally caffeine free uplifting and calming drink, I think you’ll get on board with this too.. Ayala’s New Herbal Tea brings the herbal tea trend to the cold beverage isle with refreshing, caffeine and calorie-free new recipes.

Ayala’s Herbal Tea is bottled in 14oz glass and is available in four flavors: Chamomile Bergamot Vanilla, Peppermint Melissa Spearmint, Nutmeg Cacao nibs Cardamom and Rooibos Cinnamon Rose petal. The bottles proudly carry the organic seal and are certified kosher.

Ayala’s Herbal Tea is the latest addition to the Herbal Water family of products, which combine superior flavors from nature, and avoid the downsides of added sugars, sweeteners and additives. Whenever I want to feel better about myself, I grab a bottled herbal beverage from Ayala. Their waters and teas are earthy, healthy, and refreshing.

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