Chrissa Hardy
Updated Mar 10, 2014 @ 1:08 pm

I’m pretty sure a cookie can put a smile on anyone’s face – no matter the situation. Cookies are magnificent and I’ve developed a mild obsession with gourmet flavors. I mean, present me with anything lavender or salted caramel-flavored and I’ll immediately be in danger of drooling in public.

When I found früute Gourmet Cookies, I fell in love, fast and hard. They know how to bake a delish cookie better than anyone. I’m sure of it. Some of their flavors include: Salted Carmel, Lavender Noir, Lemon Poppy, Green Tea Sablé, Passion Fruit, Hazelnut Yogurt, and more! You can order a sleeve of each flavor (and inhale the entire thing the moment it arrives – hours before lunchtime, like I did), or you can buy mixed flavors in a gift basket. They’re all hand baked by the hard working früute team.

This is not a snack you will regret. Order your früute cookies here!