Sometimes, you just feel sad. Your cereal doesn’t taste as crunchy or sweet one morning, and this majorly bums you out even though you know that it shouldn’t. You try to pet your cat and she just walks away from you all haughtily and annoyed and this makes your eyeballs water. You’re just having a bummer day, and that’s TOTALLY okay! We are multifaceted humans, and have multifaceted emotions, and it’s normal if even the most random (or not random) of things makes you want to a cry a little bit. Cry it out, girl. We’re here for you.

Here are some moments in our lives when it’s okay to get a little weepy!

1. When there’s crazy traffic and you’re sick of all your music

You’re spending way too much time in your car and everything on your iPod is just noise at this point.

2. When you hear “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion

It makes you think about Titanic, and Jack and Rose, and love, and ugh that MOVIE.

3. When a character dies in a book or show or movie and you were so emotionally entrenched in their fictional life, and it just hurts

You KNOW it was necessary (usually), but it’s still very painful and emotional. So then you make up this alternate literary universe where this character still very much exists.

4. All those times WiFi is like “nope, not gonna be here for you. Find another way to get directions and check your e-mail.”

And you wish that your life wasn’t so dependent on technology, but alas. You are a child of the 21st century.

5. When it seems like everyone is a lot more put together than you are

Like, your co-worker is wearing this gorgeous olive coat from Zara and black skinny jeans that fit flawlessly and you look down at your ten dollar dress and just your essence feels very flimsy, even though it’s perfectly fine and great!

6. A very beautiful poem

It’s okay. You can let a gorgeous metaphor get to your heartstrings.

7. When the weather is perfect, but you have things to do, like work or chores or taking care of small children, or taxes

And everything hurts and nothing is beautiful.

8. Taxes

Let me get this straight. We can send robots to different planets far, far away and create drones that (potentially) deliver mail on Sundays, YET we’re still all forced to do our own taxes? (Or pay someone to do our taxes, but that’s still terrible on a different level.) COME ON.

9. Your birthday and you just don’t want it to be your birthday quite yet

You want birthdays to be perfect. You want to be wearing the brightest, greatest outfit. You want to find the most sugary, buttery, tastiest cake. You want your exes to remember. You want your besties to surprise you with balloons and stuffed Hello Kitty toys. You want a bunch of random Facebook comments even though you know that’s silly. But it doesn’t always come together like that, and that secretly gives you the sads.

10. You look down at the elliptical and it’s only been five minutes even though you though it’s totally been twenty

And you swear time is lying to you. What is time, even?.

11. When an ex is doing cool things you really want to do, and you feel a wave of sorrow-envy wash over your body

You know your time will come. You will get there. You will be doing cool things, too. But in this moment in time you just don’t think all of this is very fair.

12. When you’re lost and feel so embarrassed and mad at your car and other cars even though it’s definitely not your car’s fault, or anybody else’s fault.

It’s just the nature of traveling. Sigh.

13. When you meet someone and they get you on this bizarrely deep level you just want them to hang out in the pockets of your shirt, but you know this is not possible.

So you send them cool pictures you found on the Internet instead.

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