Kenya Foy
Updated Jul 27, 2016 @ 6:55 am
Credit: DracoLeCount/imgur

The act of watching paint dry has already been filed under the category of “boring as hell,” but what about watching a tomato thaw? Well, let the internet tell it, observing a tomato go from frozen to room temperature is decidedly more interesting. Although, we can’t explain why, we agree: Take one look at these tomato photos that imgur user Draco LeCount shared online and you too will be enthralled by the spell of a lone fruit in transition.

While the tomato transformation doesn’t qualify as food porn, observing it is weirdly interesting. Just ask the more than 360,000 people who have viewed the following pic:

Yep, that’s pretty much what we expected from a frozen tomato. Still that didn’t stop us from scrolling down to see the tomato through its stages of defrosting and to read the comments, which much like our obsession with this photo, took a turn for the weird. In the spirit of adventure and hardcore viral photo detective work, we highly recommend you look for yourself.

Anyone who sees you staring at a tomato pic will probably judge you, but rest assured that we won’t.