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Updated Apr 04, 2017 @ 11:59 am
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Jamaican Jerk is no longer just a seasoning for chicken. It’s also the newest Pringle’s flavor, available exclusively at Walgreens.

The new variety adds to Pringle’s long list of flavors, including the five launched under the Pringle’s LOUD brand in January. (And before that, there was Dill Pickle, Loaded Baked Potato, and even Cheese Burger). We first caught wind of the potential for a new flavor in August, when Walgreens tweeted that they would be launching an exclusive flavor in March. The company asked their Twitter followers to vote in a poll, which included eight potential flavors: Jamaican Jerk, Sweet Thai Chili, Original Hot Sauce, Cheddar BBQ, Sizzlin’ Sweet & Sour, Beef & Cheddar, Bacon & Swiss, and Maple Bacon.

Technically, Cheddar BBQ won the poll with 36%, Sizzlin’ Sweet & Sour came in second with 34%, Maple Bacon ranked third with 28%, and Jamaican Jerk ranked fourth with 25%. Though its unclear what happened to the second two ideas, both Cheddar BBQ and Jamaican Jerk are now currently on shelves at Walgreens stores nationwide.

Though we have yet to taste them, people have been taking to Twitter to express how much they love the new flavor. When we do get our hands on them, we expect to be pleasantly surprised.

If you like jerk seasoning but are skeptical of the Pringles, try our Jerk Chicken With Rice, Black Beans, and Pineapple, or our Jerk Chicken With Seared Pineapple.

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This article originally appeared in Real Simple by Grace Elkus.