Anna Gragert
April 15, 2016 11:22 am
George Pimentel / WireImage / HelloGiggles

Earlier this week, Michael Bublé took an innocent trip to Disneyland, where he was most likely hoping to have a memorably magical time and maybe get a picture with Mickey Mouse. However, a piece of corn on the cob came along and changed all of that.

As he strolled through the park, corn caught the singer’s eye and he couldn’t resist. Michael purchased an ear of the food and was pumped for a quick snack. After all, what fun is going to Disneyland and NOT eating all the snack food? Yet…Mr. Buble ran into a problem: He apparently doesn’t know how corn works.

Instead of biting down on the corn kernels in a spiral or horizontal, line-by-line fashion, Michael went in end first. Like he was eating a popsicle. As you can imagine, the internet wasn’t willing to let this one go and countless individuals opened Photoshop in the name of #art. This is what they came up with…



John Travolta gets involved because… why not??

We’re pretty sure that Michael will get disqualified for his lack of hot dog:

This belongs in a museum:

Tom is like, “Get it together, man.”

Just in case you haven’t been scarred yet:

According to Eater, Michael ended up throwing his corn in the trash because his unique eating style just wasn’t working for him. We wish him nothing but luck with any future ears of corn he comes across.