Sammy Nickalls
April 05, 2016 9:13 am

Like many proud moms, Sue Moseley of the UK wanted to brag about her kid. When her daughter, Jenny, baked a special cake for Easter, Sue took a photo and uploaded it to Instagram. However, as Mashable reports, Sue had no idea that an innocent cake would entangle her in a mess of censorship issues — all because the cake looks like it has nipples on it.

The simnel cake is a fruit cake traditionally baked at Easter with 11 balls of marzipan on top representing Jesus’s faithful disciples. Yet somehow Instagram flagged Sue’s cake photo as inappropriate content, apparently because those little spheres of marzipan look like nipples, and her account was disabled. Another of Sue’s daughters, Fiona, took to Twitter and Instagram to share that her mom was “gutted.”

“My Mum was really proud of the cake, so shared a photo of it on her Instagram with, ‘Jenny’s fabulous Easter Simnel cake — delicious’,” Fiona told Mashable. “The next time she tried opening up Instagram on her phone she received an error notification that said her account had been disabled for violating their terms.”

Sue appealed to Instagram to let them know that they’d made a mistake. However, Instagram responded with an automated email claiming her account had been disabled over “content that is sexually suggestive or contains nudity.” Allow us to remind you that we’re talking about a cake:

“I can only assume they’ve got some kind of recognition software that flags anything that looks remotely like a naked body part,” Fiona told Mashable, adding that she was on a “mission” to get her poor mother’s account reactivated. “My mum was really sad about it as she has lost all her Instagram photos and her account. She’s the loveliest person and only posts photos of her family, holidays, and food, and for that they’ve suspended her.”

Fortunately, Sue’s account has since been reactivated. We can only hope Instagram learns their lesson: Just because cake is titillating doesn’t make it a boob.