Is Jelly Belly for real with these insane jelly bean flavors?

I’m not a professional dessert eater (JK, yes I am), but I do know that dessert is supposed to taste good. Like, when you eat candy, you’re supposed to enjoy the taste and feel good about your decision and food choices.

Jelly Belly obviously feels differently. The most popular jelly bean company in all of Earth has launched the 4th edition of their Bean Boozled line, which pairs delicious jelly bean flavors with disgusting jelly bean flavors that look identical to each other. The challenge being to eat the delicious jelly bean, unless of course you’re into the taste of canned dog food. No judgement.

It’s like Russian Roulette, but for your mouth. And without any dangerous repercussions (except maybe gagging and puking).

The new Jelly Belly line includes 20 flavors — 10 good ones and 10 bad ones — some of which you’ve probably never considered putting into your mouth and digesting for fun: dead fish (we presume rotten dead fish), barf, spoiled milk, stinky socks and moldy cheese.

People are so into the Bean Boozeled challenge, they’re posting videos of themselves playing with friends and almost vomiting. It’s gross, but also weirdly entertaining to watch people suffer at the hands of candy. Like these guys:

And these girls:

So if you’re brave enough to play, best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

(Images via Instagram)