Scrambled eggs are delicious, there’s no question about it (unless you don’t like scrambled eggs, then there’s probably a question or two about it). Humans have been scrambling eggs for centuries, so by now, you’d think everyone would be really good at knowing how to make the eggs as delicious as possible. Well, as it turns out, that’s not the case for everyone.

There’s a well known trick to making your eggs tastier than just plain, boring scrambled eggs (maybe not as healthy, but definitely tastier). Adding milk or heavy cream to eggs before you put them in the pan will make them creamier and fluffier, but not as creamy and fluffy as this surprising ingredient.

Delish has brought our attention to something that is going to make breakfast so much better — sour cream! That’s right, adding around one scoop of sour cream per egg will make your scrambled eggs even lighter and fluffier than before.

“Scrambled eggs also have the tendency to be a little bland—a heavy dose of salt and pepper goes a long way—and sour cream helps with that, too,” writes Delish’s Joanna Saltz. “It adds a very subtle depth of flavor: I’d say it’s tangy, but it’s almost more of a sweet sourness. You know it’s there, but you also kind of don’t.”

But don’t add the sour cream until the eggs have already been whisked and poured into the pan to avoid sour cream chunks. Because sour cream chunks probably wouldn’t be a good addition to a delicious scrambled egg breakfast.

When someone says “sour cream” and “eggs” in the same sentence, it’s hard for me not to pay attention. So I couldn’t not scramble up some of my own eggs and sour cream for dinner (because breakfast for dinner sometimes tastes better than breakfast for breakfast). And the results? Way fluffier than normal.

Here’s the dollop:

And here are the fluffy, way more delicious than usual results:

So if you’re looking for a way to fluff up your scrambled eggs, sour cream might just be the answer. But don’t forget the butter, because butter also makes everything better. And the hash browns. And Ketchup. And a mimosa.

(Featured image via Shutterstock)