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The culinary gods have spoken, and mere mortals such as ourselves are reaping the benefits. Ina Garten, the world’s most relaxing chef, has a new show designed to turn us into pros. Because being a successful food television icon just isn’t enough for the dietary magician that she is. No. Luckily for us, Ina needs to go a step further, and that step involves teaching us techniques for kitchen mastery.

The new Food Network show, called Cook Like A Pro, leaves us drooling to see what Ina Garten has in store! She reveals in an interview with Today:

In addition to whipping up finger-licking recipes, Ina will be focusing on the actual cooking techniques that made her a successful chef. After all, websites such as Tasty and So Yummy have basically cornered the millennial cooking video market. Recipes are condensed down into 30 second clips. Having someone like Ina Garten actually teach you the proper way to cook is pretty unmatched.

Ina Garten has some pretty ambitious plans…

Ever since she released her last cooking book, Cooking For Jeffrey, Ina has been hard at work making this new show into a reality.

Chopping onions is our nemesis so WE NEED THIS SHOW.

And if we can be anything like the world’s most chill chef, you can bet millennials will tune in every week. Good luck Ina! And may you and Jeffrey be #relationshipgoals for life.

Cook Like a Pro premieres on Food Network in mid-May, so get your recipes ready for an upgrade!