Daryl Lindsey
Updated Apr 06, 2017 @ 1:00 pm
Credit: Anna Bryukhanova/Getty Images

A California couple hosted their wedding reception at In-N-Out, and we honestly think they are brilliant.

Newleyweds Juan Pablo Cervantes and Vanessa Cervantes tied the knot on March 31st in Rowland Heights, California. Following the ceremony, all of their guests headed to In-N-Out burger for a reception.

And really, that’s a good enough reason for us! The couple explained that Juan Pablo serves in the U.S. Air Force and is stationed in New Mexico, a state that has not been blessed with In-N-Out restaurants.

We’re still trying to wrap our minds around how brilliant this is: A fun, casual reception! Delicious burgers! Can you even go wrong?

The couple is headed to England for their honeymoon, so we hope they can put all of the money they saved on this awesome reception to good use!