Dasha Fayvinova
September 03, 2016 9:31 am
FotograFFF / Shutterstock.com

From the creators of IKEA, the company that basically gave us the adult version of LEGOS, comes a new idea that is sure to make your weekend a lot more interesting. IKEA is going to have DIY restaurant that you will run for yourself and your guests under the supervision of their head chefs.

You will be able to create a menu for up to 19 people, complete with options to go into the traditional Scandinavian cookbooks.

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In the release statement for the concept IKEA wants us to know the reason they are doing this.“We bond and connect over the everyday process of cooking meals together so to celebrate this firmly held belief, we are opening The Dining Club to bring people together to enjoy a meal from beginning to end.”

Fact: Nothing really bonds you to another person as much as trying to assemble a bed frame you bought in IKEA together. We can see how trying to apply it to food might have a similar effect.

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If you and your family want to try this out, the The Dining Club will be opening on September 10th in east London, but hopefully this crazy DIY dining concept will soon spread to the States!

You can make reservations online and even make a whole night of it. You could catch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and then head over to the restaurant and make your own dinner!

Check out the concept video below: