Rachel Paige
Updated December 15, 2014 6:20 am

Our shared undying love for pizza continues to be unwavering. However, there’s a different food slowly inching towards that special place in our heart: hummus. That’s right, the chickpeas based food — which let’s be honest, is delicious on everything — is on track to become the most popular food of 2015. We still love you, pizza, but maybe it’s time to let another food reign supreme.

Baum + Whiteman, the leading food and restaurant consulting firm, just released their 2015 food trends report, and hummus is the food on the rise right now. Per their report, they liken it to the sudden influx of the Greek yogurt craze, which means that our hummus addiction shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Their report also states that, according to Google, “hummus has out trended salsa.” That’s kind of a big deal, considering the last time this happened, “salsa dethroned ketchup.” Plus, Subway is currently testing hummus sandwiches, which means I’ll soon be standing in an absurdly long line at a mall food court just to get a 6″ hummus sandwich.

Hummus wasn’t always the go-to snack, but now that it comes in dozens of different flavors and varieties — Sabra makes thirteen different varieties alone, including roasted pine nut, sun dried tomato and chipotle — it’s no longer simply viewed as an “international” food, but one that has slowly become Americanized. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, hummus isn’t even a bad food for you to consume by the container. Wait, right?

And hey, just because hummus is quickly shooting to the top of our food chain, it doesn’t mean we can’t combine it with our current love: pizza. Hummus pizza, anyone?

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