Margeaux Baulch Klein
Updated December 15, 2017
L. Mueller/Charlotte Observer/MCT via Getty Images

‘Tis the season for drinking eggnog! Whether you want to serve spiked eggnog at a holiday party or keep some in the refrigerator to drink on cozy winter evenings, homemade eggnog is often way better than the store-bought variety, especially when you can spike it with your favorite booze.

Luckily, making eggnog at home is super simple. Most spiked eggnog recipes call for some combination of eggs, sugar, milk, spices and the most important ingredient, booze! Try one of these easy eggnog with alcohol recipes below and impress all your friends.

Cheers, y’all!

Classic spiked eggnog recipe from Jessica in the Kitchen

While you can spike eggnog with just about any liquor, rum, brandy and bourbon is typically what is used in classic boozy eggnog cocktails. In this recipe from Jessica in the Kitchen, you can also substitute traditional dairy milk with almond, cashew or coconut milk, and it will still be equally delicious!

Old-fashioned spiked eggnog recipe from Brown Eyed Baker

If you’re looking for an ultra-indulgent eggnog recipe, try this one from Brown Eyed Baker. It calls for heavy cream, whiskey and rum. We can imagine the Don and Betty Drapers of eras past swigging glasses of this eggnog at holiday parties.

Gingerbread spiked eggnog from Food Fanatic

The addition of molasses and gingerbread spice makes this eggnog recipe from Food Fanatic extra festive. The molasses takes the edge off of the rum and bourbon, and the extra spices make it taste like a gingerbread man cookie in cocktail form.