Briana Hansen
Updated May 29, 2016 5:56 pm
Discovery Channel

Potato chips are addictive (in the best way). I mean, there’s a really valid reason that the Pringles slogan, “once you pop, you can’t stop,” rings so true with so many people.

As it turns out, potato chips are even addictive long before they hit your lips. At least that’s what you learn while watching this completely mesmerizing (and totally addictive) video of the snack’s creation.

Discovery Channels’ How It’s Made series released a new video that shows the transformation of mere cornstarch and water into the delicious and salty snack. And it’s fascinating.

Discovery Channel

From the first time the dough (which will become chips) is made out of mere corn starch powder, to the way they get cut and turned into perfect concave, stackable shapes, it’s hard to look away from the fast-moving video. The way the ovals stay stuck to the sheet while the rest of the dough bubbles away is as relaxing as watching calm waves ripple through a quiet pond.

Discovery Channel

Interestingly, humans are only really involved in one major part in the process — to inspect the chips to make sure everything looks alright. Before and after that, the majority of the work is done by machine.

Which means if we ever get overtaken by machines, maybe it won’t be as bad as we all thought. At least we’ll still have some delicious food to continue to snack on while they rule.