We can’t tell which hot dog is real and which one is just a drawing

You might think it would be really easy to tell a drawing of a food item from the real thing, but in some cases, you’d be wrong. In fact, you might even have the actual food item right next to the drawing and still have no idea.

FoodBeast has shown us that a drawing of a hotdog can be nearly impossible to distinguish from the real thing, unless you stare at the two for a long while. (And even then, you’ll probably second-guess yourself.)

Howard Lee illustrated the hot dog image in question, which is almost more of a replica in 3D than a drawing. Lee specializes in creating photorealist illusions through hyperrealist detail and mixed media, and employs time-lapse videos to show how he creates his fantastic tricks- many of which look good enough to eat.

Watching the video, viewers can notice that the implement in Lee’s hand constantly changes. His many tools allow him to shade and mottle colors to capture the subtle differences in areas where light hits an item or where the actual tone of an item is more mixed than even, such as a subtle crack in the bun, or where the hot dog itself is shadowed by the bread. As a result, he’s able to mimic the way things actually look.

Lee’s YouTube page contains time-lapse videos of his other food illusions, including candy bars, an egg, and a tomato. He also does non-food items; such as marbles and spiders, and a recent post includes Lee’s scary realistic drawing of a thumb- which he then “chops off” in a cool but still kind of terrifying trick.

Just be warned: it’s waaaay too easy to fall down a rabbit hole of these time-lapse videos, mesmerized by Lee’s ridiculous skills.

Check out the hot dog vid and see if you can tell the different between life and art!

(Image via YouTube)