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Jill Layton
August 20, 2016 6:59 am

There’s a 24-year-old tradition that involves the spouses of the presidential nominees and…cookies.

Yes, cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies, to be exact.

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The First Lady Cookie Contest began in 1992, sort of by accident. Hillary Clinton was annoyed by comments made about Bill Clinton delivering favorable contracts to his wife’s law firm during his tenure as governor of Arkansas, according to TIME.

Hillary responded in a way that pissed a lot of women off, naturally so.

“I suppose I could have stayed home, baked cookies and had teas,” she said, speaking of “the sort of thing that happens to women who have their own careers.”

Family Circle magazine saw a great opportunity to set up a bake-off between Barbara Bush and Hillary, and thus the Presidential Cookie Poll was born.

This year, it’s the Clinton Family’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (the recipe originally submitted to the magazine in 1992, because Bill apparently doesn’t have his own recipe to submit) vs. Melania Trump’s Star Cookies.

The rules for voting:

Easy enough, right?

Obviously no one is going to hand deliver you a cookie before you vote, so here’s Hillary’s recipe and here’s Trump’s recipe in case you want to try them out for yourself.

Or you can always just place your vote by using your best cookie judgment.

FYI, Hillary’s recipe won against Bush’s chocolate chip cookies in 1992 and Elizabeth Dole’s pecan cookies in 1996.

No pressure, Trump. May the best cookie win.

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