When we’re packing our beach bag for a day of sun and sand, we always include some sweet treats to savor while getting our tan on. And thanks to Hershey’s, our summer is about to get a whole lot sweeter. That’s because the Hershey Company just introduced their “Flavors of America” collection, in which some of our favorite Hershey’s treats got summer-inspired flavor makeovers.

We’re chomping at the Hershey’s bit to try them all out!

The six limited-edition flavors in the “Flavors of America” collection were crafted to transport you to several U.S. summer destinations upon first taste. Which members of the Hershey’s family are taking part in the summer fun, you ask? We’re here to tell you!

Hershey’s Cherry Cheesecake Flavored Bar — Taste of New York

Credit: The Hershey Company

Have you ever wanted a cheesecake in candy bar form? We have good news. This Cherry Cheesecake Hershey’s Bar blends together the flavor of cherry cheesecake with pink cookie crust pieces in a white crème bar. Can you say “YUM?”

Hershey’s Kisses Coconut Almond Flavored Candies — Taste of Hawaii

Credit: The Hershey Company

These krunchy Kisses are the perfect mix of tropical coconut and nutty almond. White coconut crème envelops a whole roasted almond in each individually wrapped Hershey Kiss. These little guys make you want to hula with each bite you take!

Kit Kat® Strawberry Flavored CandyTaste of California

Credit: The Hershey Company

As if mini Kit Kats weren’t cute enough, these strawberry crème Kit Kats are pink! These guys were inspired by California’s strawberry fields and will teleport you there upon your first wafered crunch. The summer Strawberry Kit Kats are also available in standard size for us old-fashioned Kit Kat lovers.

PayDay BBQ Flavored Bar — Taste of Texas

Credit: The Hershey Company

If you’re more into the savory side of life, Hershey’s BBQ Flavored PayDay bar will certainly suit your fancy. Bold BBQ-seasoned peanuts envelop a soft caramel center. It’s a classic PayDay with a BBQ kick that will make any cowboy (or cowboy wannabe) super satisfied.

Reese’s Honey Roasted Flavored Peanut Butter Cup — Taste of Georgia

Reeses Honey Roasted Flavor of Georgia
Credit: The Hershey Company

What goes great with peanut butter? Honey, of course! According to The Hershey Company, this sweet Reese’s cup includes “hints of floral, amber and molasses as part of the honey roasted flavor peanut butter cup.” We think anyone from Georgia would be proud to claim this treat as theirs.

Twizzlers Key Lime Pie Flavored Twists — Taste of Florida

Credit: The Hershey Company

There’s nothing better than a piece of key lime pie to end a hot summer’s day. And there’s nothing better than snacking on Twizzlers Key Lime Pie filled Twists throughout that hot summer’s day. The tart twists are filled with sweet cream, making a perfect refreshing treat to take with you anywhere and everywhere.

Twizzlers Orange Cream Pop Flavored TwistsTaste of Florida

Credit: The Hershey Company

Similar to their Key Lime Pie cousins, the Twizzlers Orange Cream Pop Twists are super citrusy and extra creamy. We can easily picture ourselves enjoying these poolside with a glass of iced tea.

Are you hungry yet? All of these limited-edition flavors are currently on the shelves of your local supermarket, so grab them while they last! Pro tip: Buy extra of each candy to ensure you always have plenty of Hershey’s treats with you on your beach days.