A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but chocolate is a girl’s best friend!

Here is some awesome news for chocolate lovers: Hershey’s is going au natural. Milk chocolate Hershey’s Kisses and bars are now being made with real vanilla. In the past, the recipe included the artificial flavor, “vanillin,” which, based on name only, sounds like it might be vanilla’s evil twin.

The new and improved Kisses and bars started shipping last month, and will hit shelves as stories restock. How will you know if you have one of the fancy, shmancy real vanilla versions? Check the label! You’ll find that your sweet treat has “natural ingredients” in it, instead of vanillin. (Seriously, do you think vanillin has a signature evil laugh?)
In February, Hershey’s announced that the company was beginning a move toward using more natural ingredients in their products. This vanilla/vanillin swap out is only step one. In the future, lactose, which is a sugar in milk, and PGPR, which helps create the smooth texture of Hershey’s bars, will also be removed.

Sounds like chocolate is getting a little healthier. You know what that means …

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