Alyssa Moore
Updated Aug 27, 2016 @ 11:43 am
Credit: Shutterstock

It’s a tragedy that plays out every day across America. You’ve finally psyched yourself up to eat that banana, make a nutritious and colorful smoothie, or attempt that peach cobbler recipe. You go to the fruit bowl to select your ingredients and…

Oh nooooo!!! All the fruit has gone bad!!!


So frustrating, right? And it adds up. According to the USDA, a third of all food in America gets wasted every year. Eek! We understand the struggle, and we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.


Most fruits have an optimum temperature range, and when they’re out of their temperature comfort zone – especially if kitchen temperature is too warm – they tend to get a little hormonal. (Don’t we all?) In fancier scientific terms, they begin to release ethylene, which accelerates the ripening process until all you’ve got is a lot of mush.

So if you keep the fruit within its happy place – 31 to 33 degrees for berries, for example, or 55 for something like a cantaloupe – it’ll stay fresh longer, even way beyond what’s considered normal shelf life.

We are super excited to try this out! The geniuses over at Spoon University have compiled a helpful list of optimum fruit and okay-it’s-technically-a-fruit temperatures, which can be found here. Even better, they understand that we’re still human beings (and also that it’s difficult to get your fridge to a specific degree sometimes, TBH), and have included some links to delicious recipes for otherwise icky fruits.

Now, go taste the rainbow!