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Hello Kitty has been a thing for over 42 years. Because she’s so popular, she has dolls, action figures, cafés, wine, coffee, lip gloss, apparel, etc. forever. Now we’re obsessed because, OMG, Hello Kitty macarons exist. Of course, We’re obsessed with everything that little cat does (even though she’s not a cat), so this isn’t surprising at all.

Baking blogger Megan Rosko made these completely adorable confections for, because she’s awesome. Using vanilla lavender macarons, Rosko fills them with a scrumptious cream cheese frosting. Then she adds ears, whiskers, a cutest button nose and, of course, Hello Kitty’s signature red bow. Seriously, could these be any cuter?

The best part of all of these Hello Kitty macarons is that they look fairly easy — at least it’s easy for us to think that now before attempting.

Watch the “making of” video to see how they’re done:

It’s been a big year for Hello Kitty (per usual). There was the introduction of the ColourPop x Hello Kitty makeup collection, which allowed us to make our faces up in the most adorable makeup ever.

Credit: ColourPop x Hello Kitty

And there was the cutest subscription box of all time by Sanrio. The Sanrio Small Gift Crate, filled with brand new treats from Sanrio, is impossibly adorable.

So basically what we’re saying is, long live Hello Kitty!