Listen, we will never tire of Harry Potter or Harry Potter-themed anything and everything. So when we caught wind of these Harry Potter Butterbeer donuts that come with their own Golden Snitch donut hole, we were immediately under their spell. Sugar Shack Donuts created such a wonder, and they’re planning on rolling these bad boys out later this month.

We’re sad these donuts have yet to hit the bakery shelves, but from one Harry Potter fan to another, we highly appreciate the free donut gesture.

Sugar Shack recommends that patrons call in their orders ahead of time. When the Butterbeer donuts arrive on October 14th-15th and 21st-22nd, the Virginia Beach shop predicts they’ll run out quick.

But luckily, if you can’t snag a Butterbeer donut while they’re hot, Sugar Shack offers a wide selection of fall/Halloween-themed treats. For instance, their pumpkin pie donuts look too good to be true.

Having one of the Shack’s Reese’s donuts is better than all of your trick-or-treat candy combined.

And just look at the way they’re packaging their loose teas. We need one ASAP!

If you’re in the Virginia Beach area, contact Sugar Shack Donuts posthaste to get your hands on a Butterbeer donut before that Golden Snitch flies away. Otherwise, you’ll just have to take up Quidditch!