Sammy Nickalls
July 16, 2015 9:52 am

Two months ago, we were totally inspired by Qdoba employee Ridge Quarles, who assisted a woman with a disability by helping her eat her food. Now, our hearts are melting over an unnamed Hardee’s employee who helped an elderly woman to her ride. When David Yardley from Knoxville, Tennessee, stopped to pump gas last Saturday, he saw the beautiful act of kindness unfold. He snapped a picture of the two and decided to post it to the fast food joint’s Facebook page.

“The attached photo is one I took on Saturday July 11, 2015 at Hardee’s on Tazewell Pike. It just really was a kind moment to witness between your worker and an elderly lady,” he wrote. “. . . Your worker had been cleaning the glass I assume when the customer, the elderly lady started out to her ride. He stopped what he was doing and took her by the hand and helped her across the sidewalk and parking lot to her ride.”

The photograph has since been liked by almost 15,000 people and shared over 3,500 times. And for good reason: It looks as though the employee is not only helping her to her ride, but listening to what she’s saying and making conversation. Oh, our hearts!

“It just really spoke to me,” David continued in the caption. “I guess since so much negative media lately has been around the race card. Black and white young and old [sic] all come together in this picture. I watched as he continue to help her until she was in the car and left. I admire this young man and appreciate his kindness.”

At this, some commenters expressed that this lovely act of kindness doesn’t necessarily have to do with race. “It’s not always a black and white issue,” Facebook user Tomere Turtle Clark commented. “There are kind people in each race. . . Amen to this pic though, God is Good!”

Facebook user Kaylee Kitts also commented explaining that she works at the Hardee’s, and she knows of the elderly woman. “Her name is Bobby and I’m not related but she comes into where I work frequently & I get to talk with her,” she explained in her comment. “Such a fine, sweet lady [and] she always tells me about every nice person that helps her.”

There’s one massive theme in the comment section: Everyone’s hoping that Hardee’s will take notice of this image and recognize this employee for his compassion and big heart. We certainly hope so, too. To see someone going out of their way to help someone in need reminds us how beautiful the world can be. We’re all in this together, and sometimes we need people like this amazing man to remind us of that. Thanks to this unnamed hero who is making the world a better place one little act of kindness at a time.

[Image via Facebook]