Rachel Hintz
Updated Feb 28, 2014 @ 11:56 am

March 3rd is I Want You to be Happy Day!

Why Celebrate?

I am under the impression that people have become more selfish throughout the past century. Even just in this past few decades, it seems apparent that, in general, more focus is on “me” than on others. Our modern society tends to put more value on the individual versus the group, and instead of allowing that mindset to motivate us to be better individuals, often we take it as a directive to make our lives revolve around our own personal happiness. Today is all about intentionally reversing that mindset and looking to make those around us happy.

How to Celebrate

Here are a few ways to make someone happy:

  1. Send a card in the mail. Sending letters and cards via snail mail is a lost art. I try to send a few cards a month because I know that whenever I receive a piece of personal mail, my day changes for the better.
  2. Buy flowers. If you notice that a coworker or friend has been having a rough time lately, a spontaneous bouquet of flowers will surely brighten their day.
  3. Bake cookies. Homemade treats are just a simple gesture that shows you care!
  4. Write a sweet/encouraging note. Even just a sticky note saying “You’re beautiful!” or “I think you’ve been doing a great job at work lately” will spread cheer. And anonymous notes in public places with inspiring quotes could really boost the day of a complete stranger!
  5. Tip your waiter well. The service industry can be really rough, with a fair share of mean customers/clients. Tip your waiter/barista/hairdresser well today. This is sure to spread happiness and may even encourage a Pay it Forward mentality.
  6. Open the door. This is super simple, but so nice. No matter who is coming in behind you at work, hold the door an extra few seconds. Even this can make a huge impact!
  7. Smile. 🙂 Smiling is contagious! What better way to spread happiness than to be happy yourself?

Song of the Day

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