HelloGiggles Team
May 04, 2014 @ 2:12 pm

How can you not feel happy watching a cat on a surfboard swim with these doggies! Watch these pups, and one cute cat named Didga, have some fun in the sand on their graduation outing to the beach!

Story behind this video:
After a dog graduates my off leash program, I'll offer a "doggy outing" service where I pick up the dogs take them to dog beaches or other dog friendly places.
Didga joins us occasionally to be part of the group photos or videos I make. Didga knows many tricks and, at times she is very "dog like" sticking her head out the window as we drive down the road, to riding on my stand-up paddle board or enjoying a little swim. For about 18 months I brought my GoPro camera to the "outings" before getting enough footage to edit together. The song is what makes this video so special, Dogs are always "Happy" so the song works perfectly.