Jill Layton
Updated Nov 07, 2014 @ 6:41 am

I found something on the Internet that I think is really important to show all of you. Not because I’m adult who used to have multiple pet hamsters as a child. . . and one as an adult (RIP India Moon Frye), but because it’s possibly the most adorable thing happening on the Internet right now.

There’s a new service animal in town, and his name is Ginji (also the name of one of my childhood hamsters, by the way). He’s not the type of service animal that you might expect though — he’s in the service of tending bar. He works at a miniature Izakaya, and according to his Twitter page, he’s not just a bartender — he’s the manager. So, Ginji is obviously doing pretty well for himself.

His owner, Kosuke Soto, created the tiny setup, and it’s making everyone really happy. Soto claims that Ginji is his boss, not his pet, which actually sounds pretty typical of a pet. But either way, they seem to have a good thing going. Based on the pictures, Ginji has a full menu available, including sushi, noodle dishes, beer and sake.

Let’s take a look at the cuteness:

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